Wills and Probate

Every person needs basic estate planning documents such as a will, power of attorney and advance directive for health care. These legal instruments can spare your family much trouble should you become incapacitated or when you die.

At Burns Law Group, PC, we draft wills and other estate documents for people from all walks of life in the Canton area. Highly knowledgeable in Georgia estate law, our lawyers will listen closely to your needs and draft the documents that can help you achieve your goals.

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Documents That Can Give You Peace Of Mind

For an affordable fee, our firm can draft estate documents that are appropriate for your needs such as:

  • Will — This document can specify how you want your assets and possessions distributed after you die. It can also name a guardian for your children should you pass away before they come of age.
  • Power of attorney for finances and property — You can name a person who is empowered to handle your financial affairs should you become unable to do so. The power of attorney can be durable (permanent), limited in duration or made contingent upon a certain event.
  • Advance directive for health care — This document appoints someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so. It can also specify the types of health care you want to receive or would like withdrawn in a terminal situation.

We can also help you with matters involving guardianships and conservatorships, which can make it easier for you and your loved one to deal with matters involving medical decision-making, obtaining daily necessities and making financial decisions involving banking accounts, taxes and property issues.

Have You Recently Experienced A Major Life Event?

When you marry or divorce, or when a new child comes into your life, you should revise your estate documents. For an affordable fee, Burns Law Group, PC, can draft new documents in accordance with your wishes which account for your new life situation.

Sensitive matters involving your finances, your family and your health require careful consideration. Your lawyer will take the time to understand your needs and create the estate documents that reflect your values and can help you achieve your goals.

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