Georgia Probate: The Essentials You Need to Know

When a loved one passes away, it can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. But no matter how upsetting it may be, life for you and others must go on. And in the eyes of the law, the most pressing concern isn’t your well-being, but rather deciding the fate of your loved one’s possessions.

Dealing with death is tough enough without having to bring the law into it. At Burns Law Group, PC, our attorneys take a compassionate approach to probate. We’re fully aware that our clients in Canton and the surrounding areas need time to heal. By working tirelessly to keep survivors informed about their options, we help them find the closure they seek.

How Will Your Probate Administration Proceed?

Probate refers to how Georgia courts distribute someone’s property following their death. Your experience will vary depending on factors like whether:

  • The deceased person, or decedent, created a legally valid will
  • The heirs dispute the terms of the will or one another’s claims to the inheritances
  • The decedent had any outstanding debts or financial obligations at the time of their death
  • What kind of property the decedent left behind

Probate can be a complex undertaking – and failing to consider its nuances can make it much harder to move forward. Our lawyers don’t think you should be saddled with the burdens of legal wrangling at this tough time. We’ve spent years mastering Georgia’s unique probate system to save families hard work and heartache, and we’ve built a strong reputation for our in-depth knowledge and local legal experience.

Understanding The Particulars Of Your Case

Many factors can impact how your probate proceeding will turn out. For instance, if your loved one didn’t leave a will, or if they were intestate, you can come together with the other heirs to decide how the estate should be divided on your own. In the event that heirs or creditors don’t agree, however, you won’t be able to file a petition that lets you skip probate administration.

Want to ensure that probate doesn’t become an ordeal? Talking to our attorneys is the first step. Whether you’re trying to avoid excessive taxes or negotiate with creditors, we’re prepared to help you fight for closure. Learn more by calling Burns Law Group, PC, at 770-956-1400, or get a rapid response to your question by using our online contact form.

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