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The people you care about the most can’t always care for themselves. Guardianship and conservatorship arrangements can be vital aids in your battle to help them lead normal, healthy lives.

Canton, Georgia, is home to a rich diversity of people. The Burns Law Group, PC, understands that what works for one family may not suit another, so we focus on offering personalized aid to anyone who wants to provide their loved ones with the best possible chance at a stable future. Since 1993, our probate attorneys have worked diligently to identify and implement viable solutions to challenging guardianship situations.

Understanding Guardianships And Conservatorships

In the world of probate courts and estate proceedings, it’s not always clear how to keep your family members safe and protected when they can’t care for themselves. Appointing a guardian to take care of an individual, or ward, can help with affairs like medical decision-making and securing necessities. Designating a conservator, on the other hand, lets you ensure that someone responsible is in charge of finances, taxes and property issues. People who might benefit from guardianships or conservatorships include:

  • The children of deceased parents
  • Elderly adults
  • Individuals who become disabled or otherwise incapacitated

Your intentions for creating such arrangements may be straightforward and noble, but courts won’t simply accept your assertion that you or someone else ought to gain control of another person’s affairs and properties. It’s vital to make a case that withstands scrutiny, and our legal team won’t stop fighting until we help present the best possible argument. We’re dedicated not only to getting you through court proceedings with your sanity intact but also helping you select the best arrangement for your ward’s well-being.

Let Our Lawyers Identify A Workable Arrangement

There are multiple ways to designate a guardianship or conservatorship. Although it’s common to use documents like wills to set up testamentary conservators and guardians, parents who become unable to care for their children for other reasons may also require emergency or standby guardians. In some cases, individuals become temporary guardians after gaining physical custody of legal minors.

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