Remarriage effect on Alimony

Remarriage Effect on Alimony

Remarriage and Alimony

A common question after divorce is, "Does alimony end after the receiving spouse gets remarried?". This page provides insight and answers to alimony after remarriage.

Receiving Party Gets Remarried

If the person receiving alimony gets remarried the formal obligation of alimony payments is legally terminated. The sole exception is if the divorce settlement agreement states otherwise. Without the existence of a statement or clause in your settlement requiring continuance of payments after remarriage the obligation will cease.

Paying Party Gets Remarried

If the person paying alimony gets remarried there is no change in the obligation to pay any standing order for payment of alimony.

Is a Formal Modification Required

When a receiving spouse gets remarried there is no further obligation for the person paying alimony to continue making alimony payments. There is no requirement to file a divorce modification in Georgia. The payor can simply stop making payments, although any alimony due must be paid up to the time that the person is legally married.

Effect on Past Due Alimony

The remarriage of the recipient does not cancel the obligation of any past due payments. Any past due alimony payments will remain due after the ex remarries. This includes the risk of potential consequences for non-payment of alimony.