Information You Should Know or Obtain

Critical Information

Information You Need For Success

Checklist of Critical Information

It is helpful if you have a general understanding of the finances in your marriage. If you are unsure about some or all of this information, rest assured we know how to get the information. Obtaining the following items will assist in your initial consultation:

  1. A list of your goals;
  2. A list of the issues and problems you feel are causing the divorce;
  3. A list of any issues regarding your children;
  4. Bank account information or statements;
  5. Retirement account information or statements;
  6. Recent tax returns;
  7. Recent pay stubs;
  8. Real estate information and mortgage statements;
  9. Credit card statements;
  10. A list of any other assets owned jointly or separately;
  11. A list of any debts whether joint or separate;
  12. A budget for your family

It is not uncommon that a party may not have all of this information. Please note that we will assist you regardless of how much or little information you have.